Lyme Symptom Checklist!

Wow! I had 90% of these symptoms for 6 YEARS before being correctly diagnosed. I don’t know how I functioned!! There are THOUSANDS of people struggling with these issues each & every day. Wake up globe. Lyme disease needs dealing with properly and right now.

3 years symptom free says my Lyme treatment plan worked! Can’t wait to finish my Recovery Story eBook and share my story!!

Lyme disease symptoms check list

Dogs & Lyme

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My dog Radar was amazing in supporting me through my Lyme Disease recovery. He makes me laugh every day.
My gorgeous dog Radar came along just as I was able to go for gentle walks and short bike rides again. He was amazing in getting me up and out even if I felt like crap, played by himself when I was too sick to go outside and learnt to run beside my bike.

He cheered me up no end, was always by my side during the long dark days on my own and still makes me laugh every day. Love your work Radar 🙂

Pets are a HUGE support when you are struggling with Lyme or any chronic disease. How has your pet helped?

Layers of LYME goes live!

Hannah feeling amazing again and ready to inspire other Lyme Disease patients
Hannah feeling amazing again and ready to inspire other Lyme Disease patients.

Hello! I’m soooo happy to announce that the ‘Layers of LYME’ – A Lyme Disease Recovery Story project is well underway!

I am all tooled up with this new website, Twitter, Instagram and ‘Layers of LYME’ facebook page. So please LIKE, SHARE & FOLLOW me on these to spread the word about Lyme Disease and how I successfully recovered from my horrible 6 year chronic Lyme Disease.

I will be posting regular details of my upcoming crowd-funding campaign, as well as updates on my exciting eBook, currently being written to inspire & encourage other Lyme Disease patients, their friends and families. – Hannah 🙂

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