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Hannah’s Lyme Recovery Story Book being designed as we speak!

Phew! I am very happy to say that my Lyme Recovery Story book is being designed right now! …

I finished writing the book a while ago, and I have to honestly say I had no idea how long the editing, design and pre-production takes for a book! … I wanted it to be clear, simple and really easy to read – and I am very pleased with the results so far!

I really hope my book can encourage and inspire as many Lyme patients as possible interested in treating their Lyme at home with support from local health professionals – on a realistic budget.

The book launch will be asap in the new year…. Because everyone has been so patient I will be posting about the key things I did first to really get my treatment plan working well.

If you would like to be added to the launch email list please send me your email list using the contact box below xx

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Hannah fully recovered from chronic Lyme Disease and on the Great Ocean Road travelling from Melbourne to Perth in a campervan in 2015.

Regular updates on my eBook and adventures will be posted on this site.

Please connect with me on my Layers of LYME Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram or contact me using the form below. Thank you! Hannah xx

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