My Lyme Symptoms

Hannah very sick with Lyme Disease in 2012
Hannah very sick with chronic Lyme Disease in 2012. It took 6 years to be correctly diagnosed.
Hannah healthy, happy and riding again!
Healthy, happy and riding again in 2016 – Lyme free!

Hannah’s main Lyme Disease symptoms…… I changed dramatically from being a fit and active 31 year old, who could run, ride, hike for miles and eat anything, to struggling with the issues below for 6 years.

I was mostly bed-ridden by year 5 and told by numerous doctors to “take it easy & manage the symptoms with paracetamol.” YEAH RIGHT!

Imagine having to deal with these all at once and no one being able to tell you what was really wrong.

Once finally correctly diagnosed I set to work creating my Lyme treatment plan and cured every single one……


• Multiple food intolerances – fructose, lactose, gluten, salicylates
• Severe reactions to multiple foods – some meat & shellfish, nightshade veg, black tea, salad dressings & processed foods.
• Bad reactions to caffeine, alcohol & sugar
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Chrones disease symptoms
• Sudden weight loss
• Severe chronic fatigue
• Muscle weakness
• Flu-like symptoms
• Swollen glands
• Sore throat & ears
• Stiff sore neck and back
• Headaches
• Glandular Fever type symptoms
• Feeling weak, hot and wobbly
• Constant hangover feeling
• Brain fog/Confusion/Memory Loss
• Severe mood swings
• Bad PMS
• Adrenal exhaustion
• Depression
• Feelings of hopelessness & despair
• Loss of interest in everything
• Loss of appetite
• Suicidal thoughts
• Severe anxiety attacks
• Nightmares
• Insomnia
• Irregular heartbeat
• Crawling, itching skin
• Stabbing pain under skin
• Dry, sore, irritated eyes
• Loss of balance
• Sensitivity to light and loud noise
• Couldn’t focus on people’s faces or what they were saying
• Couldn’t connect my thoughts to my speech
• A 10 minute conversation left me exhausted
• Feeling sick & weak in front of a computer or in a vehicle
• Not able to travel more than 10 mins in a vehicle without symptoms flaring & becoming sick & exhausted
• Not able to use a computer or mobile phone for more than 10 minutes without feeling sick & exhausted
• In bed for 7-10 days at a time. On good days only able to be out of bed for a max of 2 hours per day

I came up with my own treatment plan using the expertise of several health professionals alongside my own research. The plan consisted of 7 phases and I felt great after 4 weeks.

Some of the later phases were tough but I worked out how to balance the treatment so I was as comfortable as possible and fully recovered after around 15 months.

I am now even healthier than I was before the Lyme Disease and I’m working full time, travelling, riding & skiing again! 🙂 – Hannah

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Hannah fully recovered from Lyme Disease & crewing on a yacht in 2014.

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How my unconventional approach led to my full recovery from chronic Lyme Disease