Thank you for reading about my Lyme Recovery Book project! I hope that together we can bring some hope & encouragement to chronic Lyme disease patients.

So far I have funded the book production myself, and I am now on stage 2 – sourcing private funding to allow me to provide as many free copies of my eBook to Lyme patients as possible (and hopefully a number of printed copies too.)

Family, friends and contacts have already been really generous and I have raised over $4000 AUD towards the production & publishing of my book.

Any proceeds left after the production costs will go towards a series of Lyme treatment eBooks and online seminars for Lyme patients, as well as interviews with successful Lyme aware health professionals.

My goal is to get successful treatment info to patients in an easy and affordable (or ideally free) format!

If you would like to support my Lyme Recovery Inspiration project here are 2 options:

1 – DIRECT DONATION …. (100% of donations go to providing free copies of my Book) Please reply “DIRECT PLEASE” in the contact form below and I will send you details. 

2 – Via my GO-FUND-ME page .… (5% of donations go to a gofundme fee)

THANK YOU! – You’re a legend.  🙂 – Hannah x

Please connect with me on my Layers of LYME Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram or contact me using the form below:

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How my unconventional approach led to my full recovery from chronic Lyme Disease