Lucy Fights Lyme Symptoms in OZ

Sadly so many people get sniggered at when they say they have a food intolerance. I got sick of seeing raised eyebrows and people calling me a “pain in the arse” when I asked for gluten or sugar free options!

Sometimes that’s just one of 30 or more symptoms a Lyme disease patient is dealing with. I felt ill for days after eating anything containing gluten, additives or sugar.  For some people it’s not the stupid “fad” people tend to laugh at…

As with Lucy’s Lyme experience  below: “Anything with dairy or gluten results in migraines and severe nausea.” My upcoming eBook will describe how I stopped all my food intolerances and was even able to eat foods I hadn’t been able to eat before having Lyme…. Olives being a happy new addition!

Why I want to stay in OZ to write my eBook

Lyme Disease Lyme Disease Symptoms Lyme Recovery Chronic Lyme Tick Bite Lyme Treatment Curing Lyme Disease
Hannah very sick with chronic Lyme Disease in 2012.

How would you deal with this?….. This video shows why I want to stay in Australia to write my return to health eBook to inspire other people going through the hell that is Lyme disease…

“Lyme” bacteria confirmed in OZ 1992

Well this is interesting…… A young Australian scientist with no funding, working in a lab in her spare time discovered “Lyme” bacteria in ticks in 1992……… THIS WAS COVERED UP & IGNORED – Hannah

Senate Inquiry recordings

Listen to part 1, 2 & 3 of the recent Senate Inquiry into Tick-bourne illness on SoundCloud. The Lyme Disease Association of Australia (LDAA) has done a great job in keeping us all informed. – Hannah 🙂

SBS INSIGHT Ticks & Illness


View last nights episode.

It’s like the climate change debate. People can argue if ‘Lyme disease’ exists until they are blue in the face but in the meantime people are struggling and suffering.

Both Murdoch Uni researchers and Australian Biologics Lab Director both confirmed the existence of a ‘Lyme-like’ bacterial strain on SBS Insight last night. Who cares what we call it? ‘Borrelia Australis’ – There, problem solved!

The priority needs to be recognising the similar symptoms that increasing numbers of Australians are suffering with and providing advice, support, appropriate testing and treatment.

I struggled with ‘Lyme-Like’ symptoms for 6 years and was tested by multiple doctors in the UK and Aus. I was told I had CFS and to go home and manage it with paracetamol!! Yeah right!! I was in bed for 23 hours a day with over 30 horrible health issues. I wanted to die.

I was finally correctly diagnosed with ‘Lyme disease’ & 4 co-infections by an Aus doctor (via Australian Biologics & DNA tests) BUT only because he recognised the symptoms as he had ‘Lyme disease’ himself!!!

I refused long term antibiotics due to the risk of organ damage and bacterial resistance. I did 3 months research and along with local health practitioner’s knowledge I designed my own natural treatment plan.

It cost me $18,000 in testing and treatments as I was using myself as an experiment in natural treatment for ‘Lyme’. I had zero help from the Aus medical system….. but I made a full recovery in 15 months 

I have felt fantastic for 3 years now and I am now writing an eBook on my successful recovery to inspire & encourage others, as the Australian medical system sure isn’t right now.  – Hannah 🙂 

Dogs & Lyme

Lyme Disease Lyme Disease Symptoms Lyme Recovery Chronic Lyme Tick Bite Lyme Treatment Curing Lyme Disease Cure Lyme
My dog Radar was amazing in supporting me through my Lyme Disease recovery. He makes me laugh every day.
My gorgeous dog Radar came along just as I was able to go for gentle walks and short bike rides again. He was amazing in getting me up and out even if I felt like crap, played by himself when I was too sick to go outside and learnt to run beside my bike.

He cheered me up no end, was always by my side during the long dark days on my own and still makes me laugh every day. Love your work Radar 🙂

Pets are a HUGE support when you are struggling with Lyme or any chronic disease. How has your pet helped?

Go Get that Goal!

Hannah on a 5 day ride through the Snowy Mountains Australia
Hannah on a 5 day ride through the Snowy Mountains Australia. I was so proud to achieve this and feel great!

Throughout my Lyme Disease recovery I “thought” myself well. I set a goal to travel and ride again & imagined myself doing it.

My aim was to go to Bali to do a detox & cleanse and ride & camp in the Snowy Mountains on a stock horse.

I made it to Bali in 2015 and did a 5 day ride through the Snowies for my 40th Birthday the same year!

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Lyme what?

Lyme Disease Lyme Disease Symptoms Lyme Recovery Chronic Lyme Tick Bite Lyme Treatment Curing Lyme Disease Cure Lyme Disease Natural Treatment for Lyme
Hannah starting to feel much better on her Lyme Disease treatment plan in 2014.

A good run-down of what may happen to your body if you get Lyme Disease. Over 6 years I had all of these things happen and get steadily worse, apart from seizures and Bells Palsy symptoms, although I had constant extra-painful cold sores, muscle spasms & twitching across my face… and much more on top. Oh the joy!

Happily my chronic Lyme disease treatment plan took care of it all and I feel great now – Hannah 🙂

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Layers of LYME goes live!

Hannah feeling amazing again and ready to inspire other Lyme Disease patients
Hannah feeling amazing again and ready to inspire other Lyme Disease patients.

Hello! I’m soooo happy to announce that the ‘Layers of LYME’ – A Lyme Disease Recovery Story project is well underway!

I am all tooled up with this new website, Twitter, Instagram and ‘Layers of LYME’ facebook page. So please LIKE, SHARE & FOLLOW me on these to spread the word about Lyme Disease and how I successfully recovered from my horrible 6 year chronic Lyme Disease.

I will be posting regular details of my upcoming crowd-funding campaign, as well as updates on my exciting eBook, currently being written to inspire & encourage other Lyme Disease patients, their friends and families. – Hannah 🙂

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How my unconventional approach led to my full recovery from chronic Lyme Disease