Hannah’s Lyme Recovery Story Book being designed as we speak!

Phew! I am very happy to say that my Lyme Recovery Story book is being designed right now! …

I finished writing the book a while ago, and I have to honestly say I had no idea how long the editing, design and pre-production takes for a book! … I wanted it to be clear, simple and really easy to read – and I am very pleased with the results so far!

I really hope my book can encourage and inspire as many Lyme patients as possible interested in treating their Lyme at home with support from local health professionals – on a realistic budget.

The book launch will be asap in the new year…. Because everyone has been so patient I will be posting about the key things I did first to really get my treatment plan working well.

If you would like to be added to the launch email list please send me your email list using the contact box below xx

LymLyme Disease Lyme Disease Symptoms Lyme Recovery Chronic Lyme Tick Bite Lyme Treatment Curing Lyme Disease Cure Lyme Disease Natural Treatment for Lyme
Hannah fully recovered from chronic Lyme Disease and on the Great Ocean Road travelling from Melbourne to Perth in a campervan in 2015.

Regular updates on my eBook and adventures will be posted on this site.

Please connect with me on my Layers of LYME Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram or contact me using the form below. Thank you! Hannah xx

Layers of LYME

Hannah Green – Sydney & London

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Featured on Lyme Disease UK.com!

💚💚 THANK YOU Lyme Disease UK for featuring my upcoming Lyme Disease Recovery Success Story book on your website! My mission is to inspire & encourage Lyme patients that there is hope xx 💚💚

A Lyme Success Story!

The LYME Recovery Story Author Emerges!

PHEWEEE!…. I have emerged from my Author’s hideaway (shed) in the hills of far north Sydney – (looking & feeling slightly dishevelled but happy!) – having crafted and self-funded my Lyme Disease Recovery Story book to the point of final production – Yes!!

Thank you to everyone for being so patient. It’s been far more challenging and time consuming than I ever imagined, but I am very excited to launch my story as soon as I can – to hopefully encourage and inspire other Lyme patients.

It became impossible to explain how I fully recovered from home, in 12 months to the many people who contact me, so I just had to write and share my story & full treatment plan before I set myself up with a full time work again.

While the book is being designed, I am busy gaining more private funding to provide free copies. I have $2,200 already thanks to wonderfully generous family members xx 

I will be posting book launch updates soon!

Because the editing & design process has taken much longer than I imagined, I will be posting info on the first few steps I took on my treatment plan to give interested people some ideas if they are not doing these things already.

Hannah xxx23331173_1992651647616008_5794998948219335868_o


Hannah Speaks at Dr Klinghardt Seminar!

Sunday was BIG!!! – Hannah speaks at Dr Klinghardt’s first ever Australian Seminar in Sydney! 

Hannah Dr Klinghardt SeminarDr Klinghardt is one of the top, global experts on chronic illness and Lyme disease.

I am hugely excited to say that yesterday I did a 30 minute talk on my successful recovery at his first ever seminar here!

When Dr Klinghardt and his team heard that I had fully recovered using his protocol as a base plan, they were very keen to have me at the event to share my story.

I spoke in front of a large auditorium in Sydney full of doctors, practitioners and Lyme patients, all keen to learn more from Dr Klinghardt’s 40 years experience in treating chronic illness.

The talk was really well received and many Lyme patients and doctors approached me afterwards to say it had given them a lot of hope and inspiration, which is my main goal, so I’m very happy indeed.

It was wonderful to hear Dr Klinghardt discuss his latest research, treatments and demonstrate his testing techniques. (He is pictured above listening to my talk)


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My Recovery Story in Full Swing!

Happily I have recovered from my back injury, caused by the giant ex-racehorse Stretchy (pictured below) stumbling badly and throwing me head first! And writing is in full swing! I still can’t sit down for long so I have been writing lying at around 30 degrees, using an old surfboard as a desk!

I have been working through evenings, weekends and holidays to get back on track and I am excited to say I am at the editing stage!

Standby for more launch information and my new crowd funding announcement soon!

Lyme Disease Lyme Disease Symptoms Lyme Recovery Chronic Lyme Tick Bite Lyme Treatment Curing Lyme Disease
Healthy, happy and riding again! – Sept 2016

Dr Klinghardt in OZ!

BIG BIG NEWS!!!…. The GLOBAL LYME DISEASE GURU… Dr D. Klinghardt is coming to Sydney to do a seminar on Sunday 4th June 2017.

I’ve just contacted the organiser (who turns out to be a Dr Klinghardt trained Naturopath I used as part of my Lyme testing) and she is happy for me to meet Dr Klinghardt and do a short talk on my recovery story at the seminar!!!

I based my treatment plan on a simplified version of his protocol.

Totally AMAZING!!
Link to tickets

Hannah x

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Lyme Symptom Checklist!

Wow! I had 90% of these symptoms for 6 YEARS before being correctly diagnosed. I don’t know how I functioned!! There are THOUSANDS of people struggling with these issues each & every day. Wake up globe. Lyme disease needs dealing with properly and right now.

3 years symptom free says my Lyme treatment plan worked! Can’t wait to finish my Recovery Story eBook and share my story!!

Lyme disease symptoms check list

All Systems Go!

Happily Hannah is more mobile now and the Layers of LYME a Recovery Story eBook project is Go Go Go!

Hannah will be launching a crowdfunding campaign very soon and hoped to have the eBook published by World Lyme Day on May 1st.

If she meets her funding target there will be a 500 free copies of the eBook available 🙂

Follow Hannah at: https://www.facebook.com/LayersofLYME/

LymLyme Disease Lyme Disease Symptoms Lyme Recovery Chronic Lyme Tick Bite Lyme Treatment Curing Lyme Disease Cure Lyme Disease Natural Treatment for Lyme
Hannah fully recovered from chronic Lyme Disease and on the Great Ocean Road travelling from Melbourne to Perth in a campervan.


Hannah’s Lyme eBook Project Delayed!

Hannah’s Lyme disease recovery eBook project has been temporarily delayed by a riding accident!….. BUT the  eBook crowdfunding campaign is almost ready to launch…


Book writing will continue once Hannah is up & about again!…. Thanks for all your support  

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How my unconventional approach led to my full recovery from chronic Lyme Disease