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Lyme Disease, Chronic Lyme Disease, Tick Bite, Lyme Disease Recovery, Chronic Fatigue
Fit, active & full of fun before Lyme Disease appeared in 2006.
Lyme Disease, Chronic Lyme Disease, Tick Bite, Lyme Disease Recovery, Chronic Fatigue
Me hiking in the UK before being struck down by Lyme.









Hi. My name is Hannah. I’m 41 years old. I’m originally from the UK but currently live in Sydney, Australia. I love horses, photography, art, nature, sustainability & travel.

In my 20s I was very active, competing horses, running in charity events, skiing, hiking, sailing, travelling and generally enjoying life. I first became sick in 2006 after travelling around the world for a year.

I struggled with strange flu-like symptoms and exhaustion that I couldn’t shake off. I steadily got sicker with over 30 horrible symptoms over the next 6 years until I was almost bed-ridden and could only stand upright for 1 or 2 hours a day if I was lucky.

Multiple tests in the UK didn’t show up anything obvious and I struggled on trying to work and be ‘normal’. I moved to Darwin, Australia in 2009 and suddenly took a severe turn for the worse.

My 6 year relationship ended as I was constantly sick and struggling emotionally. I was forced to close my business, leave my apartment and move into a share house. I lost my social life and many friends as I struggled to even do basic daily tasks.

I saw several doctors and a well recommended naturopath who discovered that my body systems were basically “shot to pieces” but she couldn’t work out why.

I was told I’d got ‘chronic fatigue’ by my doctor and I’d just have to deal with it and manage the symptoms with paracetamol as best I could. I said “Are you serious??!”

This conclusion was complete rubbish to me. Something was causing this total nose-dive in my physical & mental health and I was going to get to the bottom of it…

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How my unconventional approach led to my full recovery from chronic Lyme Disease