Hannah Speaks at Dr Klinghardt Seminar!

Sunday was BIG!!! – Hannah speaks at Dr Klinghardt’s first ever Australian Seminar in Sydney! 

Hannah Dr Klinghardt SeminarDr Klinghardt is one of the top, global experts on chronic illness and Lyme disease.

I am hugely excited to say that yesterday I did a 30 minute talk on my successful recovery at his first ever seminar here!

When Dr Klinghardt and his team heard that I had fully recovered using his protocol as a base plan, they were very keen to have me at the event to share my story.

I spoke in front of a large auditorium in Sydney full of doctors, practitioners and Lyme patients, all keen to learn more from Dr Klinghardt’s 40 years experience in treating chronic illness.

The talk was really well received and many Lyme patients and doctors approached me afterwards to say it had given them a lot of hope and inspiration, which is my main goal, so I’m very happy indeed.

It was wonderful to hear Dr Klinghardt discuss his latest research, treatments and demonstrate his testing techniques. (He is pictured above listening to my talk)


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