SBS INSIGHT Ticks & Illness


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It’s like the climate change debate. People can argue if ‘Lyme disease’ exists until they are blue in the face but in the meantime people are struggling and suffering.

Both Murdoch Uni researchers and Australian Biologics Lab Director both confirmed the existence of a ‘Lyme-like’ bacterial strain on SBS Insight last night. Who cares what we call it? ‘Borrelia Australis’ – There, problem solved!

The priority needs to be recognising the similar symptoms that increasing numbers of Australians are suffering with and providing advice, support, appropriate testing and treatment.

I struggled with ‘Lyme-Like’ symptoms for 6 years and was tested by multiple doctors in the UK and Aus. I was told I had CFS and to go home and manage it with paracetamol!! Yeah right!! I was in bed for 23 hours a day with over 30 horrible health issues. I wanted to die.

I was finally correctly diagnosed with ‘Lyme disease’ & 4 co-infections by an Aus doctor (via Australian Biologics & DNA tests) BUT only because he recognised the symptoms as he had ‘Lyme disease’ himself!!!

I refused long term antibiotics due to the risk of organ damage and bacterial resistance. I did 3 months research and along with local health practitioner’s knowledge I designed my own natural treatment plan.

It cost me $18,000 in testing and treatments as I was using myself as an experiment in natural treatment for ‘Lyme’. I had zero help from the Aus medical system….. but I made a full recovery in 15 months 

I have felt fantastic for 3 years now and I am now writing an eBook on my successful recovery to inspire & encourage others, as the Australian medical system sure isn’t right now.  – Hannah 🙂